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Stirring in the underbelly of the bubbling UK Neo-Soul scene is Harleighblu, a captivating songstress paving her own lane with her distinctive sound and touching vocals. Hailing from Nottingham, the singer’s boundary-pushing music cross-references a multitude of influences, a melting pot of cultural references, and her straight talking, relatable songs that pull no punches and make no apologies. The result is a mellow fusion of soul, hip hop and jazz, pulsating with unexpected eclectic flourishes, her impressive vocal flow and succinct storytelling. It’s this delivery, mixed with her empowering messaging around feminism and staying true to yourself, that makes Harleighblu one of the most unique artists coming out of the Soul world right now. Since the release of her 2019 smash album ‘She’, a collaborative effort with German hip hop producer Bluestaeb, which saw Harleigh sing pertinent lyrics over soulful, boom bap inspired instrumentation. The reception for the LP was incredibly positive, with ‘She’ receiving over 4 million streams and 1,500 vinyl sales, as well as being supported by Spotify on their Butter and Jazz UK playlists. Garnering critical acclaim for her unique style from top publications and platforms such as HipHopDX who have already named Harleighblu a “UK soul star". Having recently collaborated with American hip hop artist and producer Illa J on two projects, the duo embarked on a Carhartt sponsored tour across Europe and sold out the Jazz Cafe London. Her musical talents have seen her perform at prestigious festivals such as Glastonbury, Bestival, Kendal Calling, Boomtown, the Giles Peterson Worldwide festival, and headlining a stage at Lollapalooza. Now in 2024, Harleighblu is set to release her long awaited solo record… Expect to hear more from this incredible UK Soulstress in the near future.

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